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2013 Honda Goldwing F6B

GoldWingF6B_2013_102013 goldwing FB6GoldWingF6B_2013_012

Honda released the F6B in 2013. This revision of the popular Goldwing sports an extremely well balanced engine, low center of gravity, great handling, and standard hard-case saddlebags. The 2013 F6B is powered by the accepted Goldwing standard engine, an 1832cc 6-cylinder engine. The most noticeable changes to the 2013 model are the lack of the ‘sofa seat’ and the rear luggage box. The F6B also drops around 50 – 70 lbs when compared to older Goldwing models, weighing in at 812 lbs dry. Still rocking the premium surround sound, a new taller windscreen, heated handgrips and seats – this platform is reliable and comfortable on long range rides. Honda seems intent on proving their F6B to the younger crowd, and with a top speed of 138mph it has plenty of get-up-and-go to go along with the long range comfort and endurance that the Goldwing is renowned for.

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    • Wow, that’s actually really cool! I had seen some mention of an airbag but I couldn’t confirm that until now.

      This makes the Goldwing FB6 my personal first choice for a new bike!

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