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2013 Torq Electric Roadster

So this is another one of Epic EV’s creations, its the 2013 Torq Electric Roadster ($65,000). Now despite everything you know about electric vehicles this thing is a performance beast. This all electric beauty comes with a 80.5″ track width to help with cornering as well as carbon fiber panels and a poly carbonate windscreen to keep the overall weight down to a mere 2200lbs.

Torq Electric Roadster At 300+HP and more than 600ft/lbs torque, it can hit 60mph in 4 seconds and can pull more lateral acceleration than a Ferrari F430. Due to the jaw dropping design of the Torq the drag on the tarmac is 25% more efficient helping acceleration and range.

Torq Electric roadsterAnd if you nedd to be reassured that its safe to get in then let us tell you this. The zero emissions roadster has a high performance suspension and chasis designed by Palatov Motorsports, 4 piston Wilwood brakes and an option for a 5 point harness. Best of all its street legal.

Torq Electric Roadster

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