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AA-12: Overkill Understated


Those who are dissatisfied with the raw destructive power of the average shotgun now have something to satisfy their lust for more. The AA-12 (Atchisson Assault Shotgun) created in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson and recently perfected by Military Police Systems, is by far one of the most intriguing modern twists on the classic favorite. The AA-12 is capable to firing 5 12-gauge shells a second; coupled with a drum-fed magazine and highly mitigated recoil, this weapon is designed for maximum kill and maximum pleasure.


As if standard ammunition was inadequate, the AA-12 was developed with a brand new way to terrorize and obliterate. Under development since 1994, the recently perfected and distributed FRAG-12 is a new and exciting way to rain down unholy retribution on your foes. From duck hunting to elephant hunting, one-shot one kill has never been more understated. Capable of blowing holes in 1/2” thick steel armor, the high-explosive FRAG-12 is perfect for a nice relaxing day of water-fowl, duck, deer, big game, or even light vehicle hunting.


All in all, the AA-12 is a delightful new weapon that is sure to please. Whether you are fighting overseas against guerilla combatants or you simply enjoy overpowering shows of force, the AA-12 and its accompanying FRAG-12’s are sure to brighten your day. Of course, such things are available only to the military, the well-connected, or the criminally insane. Tragically, it may never fall into civilian hands.






The Defense Review: Frag-12 report

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