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AutoPulse: Automated CPR Saving Lives


Commercialized in 2003, the Australian CPR machine called the AutoPulse has changed the game. Rather than manually compressing the sternum and attempting to maintain blood flow, the AutoPulse uses the LifeBand to distribute pressure across the entire chest, substantially increasing blood flow. The AutoPulse also removes human error from this part of the equation and cuts down on “no-flow” time – the period of time during which a rescuer would stop compressions for one reason or another. According to ZOLL, the AutoPulse “has been shown to triple survival to hospital discharge.”


Last June, Colin Fiedler of Victoria was pronounced dead at his hospital. He had suffered a heart attack. Fortunately, the doctors made use of the AutoPulse and were able to revive Colin after he was declared clinically dead for 40 minutes. The AutoPulse was able to keep blood and oxygen flowing throughout the body while the doctors worked to resuscitate Colin.



MED Auto Pulse

As medical tech advances we can be sure to expect similar results from new and innovative technologies. The AutoPulse is not the first, and it will certainly not be the last. There are dozens of groundbreaking lifesaving medical devices and procedures being developed and researched – preparing to be unleashed upon the world. Medical technology is finally catching up to us, and it’s about damn time.


Types and Effectiveness of ressucitation techniques:

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