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botObjects DeskPro3D Full Color 3D Printer

Since the fairly recent advent of 3d printing, the market demand as well as the capabilities of available printers has increased dramatically. From the large-scale, high definition printers to smaller “Desktop” units, the 3d printers come in all shapes and sizes. Until now, however, 3d printers have been limited in terms of printable color. Typical 3d printers are typically exclusively monochrome or come with interchangeable color cartridges, even then the color choices were limited.

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This is no longer a problem with the botObjects ProDesk3d desktop 3d printer. The ProDesk uses ABS and PVA plastics for parts. BotObjects achieves their color range by means of five color cartridges that operate similar to an ink jet printer, mixing color bases to achieve the desired color for each part.  The ProDesk is capable of printing 3d objects at 25-micromemeter detail – a very impressive number when compared to some standard models which only achieve a few hundredths of an inch.


While pricing and actually launch dates have not yet been released, it is allegedly in the same range as other desktop 3d printers. DeskObjects will officially begin taking orders in June of this year. The printer boasts some handy features like a self-leveling and self-homing platform, improved cooling system, and an anodized aluminum shell that puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in terms of true desktop attractiveness.

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