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Those who have played are familiar with Grand Theft Auto 5 are already acquainted with the massive map, numerous active sprites and online player characters, vehicles, accessible stores, missions, and numerous other activities and resource consuming aspects of the game. All these things (coupled with the ability to hunt down and mercilessly slaughter your opponents […]

Battlefield 4 Beta Release Date

Who is a fan of the Battlefield games? I know some of you have been there from the start, and others from at least Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is the same is me! So if you have been itching to do the Beta for Battlefield 4, then now is your chance! Just make sure […]

NVIDIA’s new “Furtech” brings video cards to their knees

It looks like NVIDIA is fighting back after AMD released its newest creation called TRESSFX. Tress FX is essentially hair that is rendered at a very high resolution and has realistic physics in game. But instead of human hair, NVIDIA upped the ante with animal hair.. It’s called Furtech. What do you think? It drops […]

Game Uses Your Hard Drive’s Files to Build Its Levels

If you are looking for a new game to play then look no further! AdventurOS is a game that takes your folders and files, then creates the levels specifically from those folders/files so that each computer’s game-play is different! It sounds like a pretty awesome idea and I can’t wait to see how this actually […]

XBOX One controller won’t work with PC until 2014

If you are like me, then you loved the fact that a lot of the XBOX360 products were PC compatible straight from the box. But it seems like Microsoft won’t be making the controller compatible till 2014. “A Kotaku interview with Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox One controller will work with PC titles–eventually. We know […]