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Saker S-1 Personal Jet

Ever watched Top Gun and gone “man I want a Jet!”? Well now you can with the Saker S-1. You’ll have the Ferrari of the skies with this baby.  The Los Angeles based minds of this menacing bad boy say it will be in the ball park of $5-7 million USD, which isn’t bad at […]

XADO Ceramic-Metal Additives

Not all automobiles are made equal. This is pretty damn obvious, even for me, I know – but my point is, regardless of the differences in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer, ALL automobiles are eventually going to wear out, and fail. Constant motion and friction within the engines wears down camshafts, bearings, cylinders, piston rings, […]

Google’s Glass – Wearable e-Interfacing

Potentially the next great piece of next-gen tech., the Google Glass eyewear is making waves, despite how much is still quite unclear. Glass is being hailed as both  groundbreaking tech that will improve our lives, and a privacy invasion waiting to happen – already eliciting bans from several organizations. The Glass allows users to access videos, […]

Skull Crush Helmets

Carbon Fiber Clear Shell

Skull Crush Helmets and A Word on Safety As the safety ratings for the DOT helmets have evolved over the years, helmets are getting safer and more durable – yet the DOT helmets are typically made of old materials, ignoring newer, stronger and lighter materials in favor of the “old tried-and-true” plastics of the olden […]

Benchmade’s 480-131 Shoki

This is one of Benchmade’s gold class products. Its the Shoki ($650 MSRP), it comes with a DLC coated flat ground M390 steel blade and crowned spine. The 2.89″ blade has a polished convex edge and locks in place with Benchmade’s Nak-Lok mechanism. The handle is made up of carbon fiber and has an polished […]