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Meanwhile, In Kyrgyzstan… Vodka Pipeline Uncovered!

In a shocking development, the Kyrgyz government has identified and shut down an illegal Vodka pipeline. The pipeline was discovered earlier in August, and is buried 1/3 of a mile below the Chu River – a natural boundary between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The 8″ pipeline is believed to have been used to smuggle thousands of […]

Meanwhile, In Kazakhstan… Soccer Team Threatened w/ Legal Action Over Ritual Slaughter

A Kazakhstan Soccer team, Shakhter Karagandy, has been ritually slaughtering sheep before soccer games to invoke the blessing of some mysterious sheep-slaughter god. The authorities have warned the Shakhter that if they continue, they will consider disciplinary action. Shakhter slaughtered a sheep at the Astana Arena, the day before playing the Celtic team in the […]

Meanwhile, In Russia… Coca-Cola Sues Kvas Manufacturer

  Coca-Cola has appealed the Russian court’s rejection of a trademark / copyright infringement suit against Spring, a kvas manufacturer based in Omsk. Coca-Cola alleges that the bottle used by Spring’s Bochonok is similar in appearance to Coca-Cola’s bottle, and is therefore an infringement upon Coca-Cola’s customary and universally recognized bottle shape.   Coca-Cola also […]

Gang-Sweep: Operation Thumbs Down

  8/29/2013   In a raid known as “Operation Thumbs Down”, about 800 officers from the FBI and LAPD conducted searches of approximately 70 locations. They were searching for narcotics, illegal fire-arms, and conducting numerous search warrants. Among the arrested include perpetrators of “knock-knock” robbery. This is accomplished by knocking on the door to a […]

Meanwhile in Thailand… Google Street Car Arouses Suspicious Locals

A Google street car, tasked with photographing the village of Sa-eab in Thailand was recently detained by a group of nervous villagers. The peculiar looking vehicle aroused suspicions of locals, who for years have feared that the government may be sending surveyors in disguise to gather information on the village. A consensus was quickly reached […]