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Meanwhile, In Russia… Coca-Cola Sues Kvas Manufacturer

  Coca-Cola has appealed the Russian court’s rejection of a trademark / copyright infringement suit against Spring, a kvas manufacturer based in Omsk. Coca-Cola alleges that the bottle used by Spring’s Bochonok is similar in appearance to Coca-Cola’s bottle, and is therefore an infringement upon Coca-Cola’s customary and universally recognized bottle shape.   Coca-Cola also […]

CIA fail: Recruiting a cat to spy for them.

This might sound a bit nuts, but it really happened! Back in the 60’s┬áthe CIA once recruited a feline agent to spy on enemies, according to “Operation Acoustic Kitty.” That was seriously the name of the operation. On its first true mission the cat was dropped off to spy on two men, talking about needed […]