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Steam Machine Specs

If you are like me and have been following all of the news on the Steam Machine then you might already know this, but if not then you should find this to be quite awesome! Steam is trying to bring PC-grade gaming to console and it just might work! “Here are the specifications for Valve’s […]

iPhone 5 Destroys Benchmarks

Apple has apparently created a monster.. and the good kind. With only 1 GB of RAM and its dual core CPU, the iPhone 5 destroys benchmarks. The scores are even better than phones with more than their 2 cores and 1 GB of ram. Now normally I would make fun of Apple.. but I give […]

NVIDIA’s new “Furtech” brings video cards to their knees

It looks like NVIDIA is fighting back after AMD released its newest creation called TRESSFX. Tress FX is essentially hair that is rendered at a very high resolution and has realistic physics in game. But instead of human hair, NVIDIA upped the ante with animal hair.. It’s called Furtech. What do you think? It drops […]

World’s Most Private Web Browser

If you are tired of Google Chrome and Firefox.. And God knows you don’t use IE, and if you do, please use a different Internet Browser. Epic was created to be the most secure and private web browser ever created. It’s worth checking out! It is powered by Chromium to give you a fast and […]

LG announces the world’s first 2560 x 1440 smartphone display

With all of the new monitors coming out for computers, it was only a matter of time till someone decided to make a smart phone with a resolution that is higher than 1080P. What do you think? Will you buy it? Or is this completely overkill? “LG has sent out a press release this evening […]