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Climate Change Threatens Over Half of Planet’s Species

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According to a new study published in the Nature Climate Change journal, an estimated 57% of plants and 34% of animals are facing significant population and acceptable habitat deterioration. The coalition of international scientists believe that if we can put a cut on global greenhouse gas emission by 2016, we can reduce the impact of climate change by 60% – however, delaying until 2030 would reduce affected climates by only 40%. The first world nations are typically the first to hop on to the “save-the-planet” bandwagon, and as a result we have seen a significant drop already. With the EPA and other foreign agencies constantly pushing for more control and limits on gases and pollution, we are likely to see further drops in coming years.

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These claims must be taken with a grain of salt, as many environmentalists are simply out to “make a bold stand” and reap profits from their organizations. The few who truly want to repair the damage done and limit the effects of human industrialization are sadly, few in number. What many do not accept is that it is an individual response, not a government response that will ultimately decide how far the damage will spread. Poachers, greedy hunters, chemical and metallurgical refineries, manufacturing plants and dozens of other industries take a significant toll on wildlife and species around the planet. To say that climate change is our biggest threat is true foolishness. The first place to start lobbying for change is within your own neighborhood, cleaning up the streets, the parks, and stop throwing your damn old tires into lakes and ponds!

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