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Cortex Command

CCWebTiledevloglogoWith eleven years of development and fan driven motivation Cortex Command has been released. This fantastic game was created by collaborators from around the world via internet communication and modifications made by players and beta testers alike.

Cortex Command has an extremely amazing physics engine that makes for untold mayhem and havoc on the battlefield and pared with the detailed 2D pixel graphics is just a delight to play time and time again.


The story is a bit loose but what iv’e come to understand is that mankind had come to the near point of extinction through religious wars and conflict and found ways to further its attempts in battle by relieving themselves of all but mind and willpower. And thus you get the brain, and through intellect and perseverance they learned to control and maneuver foreign bodies to their will.


The objective of the game is to eliminate the opposing brain (or sentient AI) by mining caverns for gold, building your fortress and amassing an army to destroy the other teams.You can also buy vehicles and dropships and several missiles to aid you. There are a vast array of supplies and troops available to you which are delivered via dropship.

instructionsFor more info visit the developers site or the wiki, and for up to date news here’s data realms twitter. And lastly here’s a promo video and a bit of art brought to you buy the fans and DR themselves!

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  1. Wow! That looks like an epic game. Nice details!

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