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Damascus, Virginia Parade Accident

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This almost seems like a Simpsons or South Park re-run of the notoriously oblivious elderly drivers and their misadventures, but today this is a tragic example of an elderly driver, apparently suffering some (as of this time) undisclosed medical problem. The accident occurred in Damascus Virginia, during the Trail Days Festival. Approximately 2:00pm Saturday afternoon the unidentified driver, a part of the Hiker’s Parade, driving a 1997 Cadillac suddenly accelerated into a crowd striking multiple hikers. As many as 60 have been reported injured with up to 15 transported to hospitals and three flown via helicopter to local hospitals.


As of now, the accident is still under investigation. Damascus Police Chief Bill Nunley has not yet placed charges, pending investigation. According to witness statements, multiple parade-goers leapt into action, with one firefighter jumping into the vehicle to cut the ignition and multiple others pushing the car off victims and even lifting the vehicle to check for others underneath.

APTOPIX Virginia Parade Crash

While the Festival has been somewhat saddened by the day’s events, Damascus mayor Jack McCrady encourages festival-goers to attend the Festival’s final day, Sunday. Jack McCrady has stated that a fund is now in place and receiving donations to aid the injured that are without medical insurance, ensuring that they lose no more than they already have. This was a bad situation which could have been significantly worse had the attending citizens not reacted as swiftly and decisively as they did.

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