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Dark Escape 4D Arcade Machine

Dark Escape is a horror-shooter by NAMCO with panic and terrify in mind. The game features 3D graphics which use glasses made of anti-microbial materials and a large high definition screen with 5.1 surround sound for EACH player and heavy recoil controls and rumble effects in the seats. As well there are air blowers in front and behind the players that will simulate breathing on the back of your neck or something coming at you and on top of it all it has monitors in the controls to track your heartbeat.

Dark Escape 4D Brochure

The game itself puts you through four terrifying themes which hold everything from zombies to progressively mutating experiments gone horribly wrong. And if you can get through all of that a fifth theme becomes available. The controls resemble one of those water gun racing games you see at fairs and carnivals or if your familiar the controls of  the Deadstorm Pirates arcade game minus the steering wheel.




The outside is almost just as impressive with lots of detail and artwork to lure you into the game.

maxresdefault (1)

For more info watch this video or shit go out and find the game.

For the original trailer for japan click here.

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