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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer

Blood Dragon is the first announced DLC for Far Cry 3, set to be released on May 1. Blood Dragon was officially announced on April 8, in a VHS style presentation of one of the most bizarre, but totally awesome trailers I’ve ever seen. In Blood Dragon, you play as Sgt. Rex Colt; a cyborg commando from Vietnam II, fighting off an evil cyborg army in a near future dystopian universe. The trailer is filled with bright neon colors and all the cheesy sci-fi action you could ask for. The soundtrack features original music by Power Glove, and will be released alongside the game.

Blood Dragon looks to be a great addition to any collection, even if you don’t currently own a copy of Far Cry 3. Blood Dragon is going to be a standalone DLC, so it does not require you to own Far Cry 3 to play. Blood Dragon has a $15 cost on Steam, so it will probably cost XboxLIVE gamers 1200 Microsoft Points.

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