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From the Creators of Dreadful Undead

The Latest game in development and name sake from Fox Delta Games is a tactical shooter called “Fox Delta Command“. Now keep in mind that it is pre-alpha at the moment but it does show promise, touching roots from such titles as SOCOM, Rainbox Six and Ghost Recon. The founder and project manager Sam (Fox) Juarez says  “We want a game that will let the player complete the mission by taking there time instead of just running and gunning there way through the level.” and “We have noticed that games today don’t offer that kind of game play anymore, almost all games today are trying to be the next call of duty, or trying to be the next best thing to call of duty.” And though most of us here at Pandora’s Fridge are fans of Call of Duty we completely understand the need for a change, it’s getting old. And maybe going back to our [roots] is just what we need.


This is a Windows PC game and again this is “pre”-alpha, but if we’re to ever see what could come of this game this small group of individuals needs our support in bringing this game to the forefront and out of testing. If you would like to or are interested in helping Fox Delta Games fund their future endeavors please go to their Kickstarter and donate. If you would like to know more about the individuals who created this game go here or if you’d like a demo we’ve got that too.

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  1. Awesome write-up! I’ve helped FoxDelta create this, and I can’t wait for the full version. It’s been an awesome experience!

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