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Future Endeavors of Pandora’s Fridge

Ok so the site has kinda been taken and pulled into several directions at the moment and I like what we have so far on the site but would like to get the layout more defined and user friendly. Lets see so far we have flash games, sports news as well as news on extreme disasters and events and then the occasional article on some miscellaneous item or happening. What you can do to help is give us some real criticism about the site, and don’t just say everything looks good because I cant work with that I need some negative feedback so I can fix them.

Secondly I’m looking to put together a small team (3-5 individuals) who have at least some basic knowledge of one of the following: Any applicable code (ex. CSS,PHP,HTML etc.), web/photo design skills of any kind and last but not least writers, I desperately need devoted writers who enjoy writing (because you wont get paid anything unless this site just happens to take off miraculously). And though I cant pay you now in the future I might be able to pay on a per job basis. And as a plus any effort could look good on a resume or in a portfolio. Those interested would be on board for not just but all future promotions for the site and/or sister sites to come.

Now on to discuss possibilities for phase 2 for Pandora’s Fridge

  • 1st and foremost we need to get the layout issues resolved and get a more permanent solution.
  • Get more original articles out and keep a steady per day basis of published posts.
  • We need and overall design overhaul on the site, one that reflects our brand.
  • A logo/icon that will forever represent us here at
  • And again we need to find devoted team oriented people to help towards our efforts.

Beyond these suggestions be on the look out for our sister site coming very soon. For any question or concerns regarding what was written here contact us at

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