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Gang-Sweep: Operation Thumbs Down




In a raid known as “Operation Thumbs Down”, about 800 officers from the FBI and LAPD conducted searches of approximately 70 locations. They were searching for narcotics, illegal fire-arms, and conducting numerous search warrants.

Among the arrested include perpetrators of “knock-knock” robbery. This is accomplished by knocking on the door to a residence, and if no one answers – they leave. As one man has put it –


“Who’s there?”

“Never mind, we’re going next door.”


Among the contraband that authorities seized is a decent supply of cocaine, enough for a wild night of LAPD on FBI rave / mosh partying – and pictures of young children wielding firearms.


Upon the announcement of the photos of the kids with guns, public outcry was immediate. One ponders this, however… If our country is to train soldiers to go and kill our enemies, why not start as young as possible? Alas, this course of logic is ignored by the vast majority. If nothing else, these industrious youngsters would make efficient… well, at the very least, very enthusiastic hunters.

In any case, it is the hope of the FBI and LAPD to break the cycle of violence that enraptures many youngsters, and to hopefully bring an end to gang-violence in LA. Hopefully this will develop and spread – Buddha knows LA isn’t the only place plagued by gang violence.


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