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Godmode for Xbox Live Arcade

Godmode is a new Xbox Live arcade game released by Atlus and developed by Old School Games. It is a third-person shooter where players are the descendants of gods who have long since been banished from Mt. Olympus. At the beginning of each map the player is greeted by their spirit guide who informs them, with great joy, that they have died in some horribly funny and outlandish accident. In order to escape living in hell for all eternity players must fight hordes of enemies in different stages of each map.


 Each stage has a shrine that activates and grants either the players or the enemies a buff or debuff. Players can expect to see anything from Arrows (players have unlimited ammo and no reload) to Titan (Larger, Stronger enemies) and even Godmode (a random player will be invincible for a few seconds and have unlimited ammo).


The creatures in Godmode seem reminiscent of early Doom creatures with a splash of Grecian mythology and the fast paced action and crazy weapons can be easily compared to Gears of War.

To stack on top of all this the game offers players the ability to customize their characters with a multitude of heads, torsos, legs, accessories, weapon upgrades and special powers. Players can alter their play style to work well with the group or pack on the gatling gun and single handedly blast their way through thousands of skeletons and minotaurs. At the end of each map is a golden gate, this gate leads to a room where players are encouraged to go Hamburger Hill on each others asses in order to grab the gold coins scattered throughout the room. The only downside to Godmode, if there ever was one, is the limited maps that are offered. After I played every single one on every difficulty I felt wanting for more maps, more carnage, and more gold.


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