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Google’s Glass – Wearable e-Interfacing


Potentially the next great piece of next-gen tech., the Google Glass eyewear is making waves, despite how much is still quite unclear. Glass is being hailed as both  groundbreaking tech that will improve our lives, and a privacy invasion waiting to happen – already eliciting bans from several organizations.


The Glass allows users to access videos, pictures, gps directions and any other net-based information one would ordinarily access on a tablet or pc, but combines a single device into a HUD, battery, camera, and microphone that rests on your head just like a pair of glasses. Aside from the obvious applications: glass- call; glass- take a picture; glass- direct me to…, those who were left out in the cold when Google chose their select few to review, modify, and develop the glass, are still seeking information on potential uses and applications for the Glass.


However, apps are finally – albeit slowly – released for the first-gen Glass.

So far, apps include: Google Search; Take a Picture; Directions (Maps); Messaging; and 3rd party apps like: New York Times; Twitter; Facebook; Evernote; Tumblr, and CNN. While still in its embryonic stage, Glass posits some very interesting possibilities. Of course, it’s already easy to see that the concerns regarding wearing an internet-accessing device on your face is a tad invasive are well founded.  There’s a great deal potential for the Google Glass, but also the potential for a new epidemic of distraction-based car wrecks. With Texting killing an average of 3,000 teens yearly, the last thing we need right now is a shiny new toy ejaculating snippets of puerile information directly into our faces. Of course, with the release of something like a vehicle or pedestrian “finder” or assistance in low-light driving conditions, my opinion may change. Perhaps a “driving mode” to lock you out of certain controls? Time and innovation will reveal what the Glass can do for us. It is my sincerest wish to see it come into its own and secure a place in daily life – provided it can be appropriately managed, and a legitimate application beyond “surfing the web” can be achieved.

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