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GTA_5_WALLPAPER Those who have played are familiar with Grand Theft Auto 5 are already acquainted with the massive map, numerous active sprites and online player characters, vehicles, accessible stores, missions, and numerous other activities and resource consuming aspects of the game. All these things (coupled with the ability to hunt down and mercilessly slaughter your opponents in a sprawling city) make GTA 5 a beautiful and immersive game. Player spend hours at a time completing missions online with their buddies, earning their digital monies, spending said monies on cars and houses, or ammunition – all for the purpose of killing their enemies in new and inventive ways, and looking stylish while doing so. Unfortunately, with such a rich environment the system is taxed heavily. This has manifested itself especially on the newer revisions of the xbox 360 basic, and the older xbox 360’s; these are typically the models released between 2006 and 2008. Symptoms start out small and disguise themselves as simple glitches at first. Your colors will blend, a character on your screen may smear, or the city around you turns with you and blends into the universe at large. As the damage grows more severe, so do the symptoms become more pronounced. Full-scale color blending, chopped animations, numerous artifacts populating the screen and following the user, and ultimately the dreadful click-click-click of the internals committing digital hari-kari. gta-5-xbox-360-ps3-install Gamers were at first content to throw the blame at Rockstar’s feet; having designed such an immersive game with such a complex online system was killing their systems and they wanted answers. Rockstar has since released a possible fix, though this doesn’t seem to help most users. While nothing will likely be done to reimburse the owners of the cooked systems, the best solution seems to be to trade in all your games towards an Xbox One and pray that it doesn’t suck farm animal you-know-whats. 468px-Chrome_2013-05-21_10-07-48-56

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