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First blog post. Pretty excited, to be honest.

Been meaning to post something for a while, but had a case of writer’s block, or some shit. There’s no way it’s writer’s block, because I don’t fucking write enough to get that. It wasn’t writer’s block, but I imagine that’s what writer’s block is like. It wasn’t laziness, because I REALLY wanted to write something. I have been so fucking pumped to contribute to this site it’s unreal. I just, simply couldn’t think of anything to write. Darrell left content to expand on, but I didn’t feel like writing on something I wasn’t doing myself.

So to get my creative juices flowing, I decided to try a little bit of this. A little personal blog post to kick shit off and get my mind right to write. Inebriation always helps, too. I love writing after taking a few shots or ripping a nice hit out of my main man, Merlin.

It’s pretty cool posting in this little blog. I’ll be getting some other shit up soon, I’m going to New Orleans this weekend and I’ll be hanging out with some fun-gis (guys), so I’ll have tons cool shit to share over the weekend.

Plus, when I get back, I’ll be ready to post some real content, not just this personal shit no one reads.

I’m out, I’m balls crazy over Defiance. Check that shit out, I’ll be back with posts on it.

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