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Houston Texans get Huge record breaking HD Screens

So Houston won the bid to host Superbowl LI in 2017 and damn are they preparing. Reliant Stadium has installed not one but two massive 14,549 SQ.FT. (277’X52’6″) HD screens at either ends of the field that cost approximately $16 million USD. Though with the Superbowl in 2017 I guess we can gladly say these bad boys are paid for in full.


 Now whether or not these were intended to enhance the appeal of the stadium or to one up the Dallas Cowboys and their previously record holding screen I can gladly say I’m proud to in Texas.

nfl screen comparison

size comparison

 What will be next in sports leagues? Holographic projections? Robot peanut passers? Whatever it is im excited to see the great city of Houston get ready for 2017 and the screens are just a small step in an overall process to do just that.

Go watch the video about these new screens:


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