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Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview Released

MS has been hard at work trying to create the newest IE and they are nearly finished.. Here is what they have to say about it. “With IE11 for Windows 7, customers receive all of the performance, security, and under-the-hood changes that enable a compatible Web experience. The Developer Preview makes it easier to build exciting Web content that will eventually be available to over 700 million Windows users. For developers, we are also providing an update to modern.IE, including a new cross-browser Web site screenshot service and new virtual machine images. Internet Explorer 11 also includes support for WebGL, an emerging Web technology that enables Web developers to create new kinds of advanced 2D and 3D experiences by programming the computer’s Graphics processing Unit (GPU). Once confined to enabling cool Web experiments, WebGL is now a vital component of the Web developers’ toolkit, as real-world sites are now using WebGL to create interactive visualization experiences in shopping, real estate, and social networking.” Below is some stats of just how fast 11 really is.

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