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Jägermeister on TAP!


Oh Deer God! The infamous Jägermeister has yet again given you another reason to love them even though you wont know where you began or even who you fucking are sometimes. If you get to where you cant even hold your 40oz anymore don’t worry there’s a solution. The Jägermeister Tap Machine ($299.00)


This bad motherfucker chills your beverage delight down to a chilling 0 degrees and holds up to 3 75ml bottles. And the LED back-lit decals will shock and awe every person who dares to lay their eyes upon it. Now it doesn’t come with the Jäger but I imagine you might have some laying around somewhere or there’s always your rent money.


Either way do whatever you can to get your hands on one (or more) and get the party started. Aim to impress? Get it dammit, why would you not it’s the last appliance you could ever need. If you want to add a little more to your night or just simply can get the balls to buy one you could always get a tooter kit.


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