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Meanwhile, In Russia… Coca-Cola Sues Kvas Manufacturer


Coca-Cola has appealed the Russian court’s rejection of a trademark / copyright infringement suit against Spring, a kvas manufacturer based in Omsk.

Coca-Cola alleges that the bottle used by Spring’s Bochonok is similar in appearance to Coca-Cola’s bottle, and is therefore an infringement upon Coca-Cola’s customary and universally recognized bottle shape.


Coca-Cola also manufactures a type of kvas, called Kruzhka i Bochka. It is not easily accessible in the United States, unfortunately. Kvas is a “non-alcoholic” beverage, with an alcohol content of less than 1.2%. It is a fermented beverage made from rye bread, and has a taste that has been likened to beets, and non-alcoholic imported beer.


Pepsi has also entered the Kvas arena, though not as succesfully as Coca-Cola.


Moscow Times

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