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Meanwhile in Thailand… Google Street Car Arouses Suspicious Locals

A Google street car, tasked with photographing the village of Sa-eab in Thailand was recently detained by a group of nervous villagers. The peculiar looking vehicle aroused suspicions of locals, who for years have feared that the government may be sending surveyors in disguise to gather information on the village. A consensus was quickly reached – they must immediately detain this possibly devious bastard and wrench the truth from his maybe-lying possibly-forked tongue!

A group of villagers was dispatched to detain the driver and impound the wascally government maybe-spy’s car. They dragged him to a local office building for interrogation, whereupon he swore he had no involvement with the government or the dam projects. Of course he must be lying, that’s what spies do. He implored and begged, and demanded release! But the villagers plotted, and schemed, and spoke amongst themselves – “The truth must out, but… how?” The villagers realize that the only way to make that pig squeal was to threaten him with the worst fate of all – bad luck for lying in front of Buddha.

Now, I’m not diminishing at all the significance of the Buddha’s, but there’s got to be a better way of coercing information out of a possible spy than demanding that he be “super-duper honest and true for the statue of our god!”

In any case, he swore before Buddha, honest and true, that he bore them no ill will and denied all involvement with the dam projects, the government, and any of their nefarious activities. After swearing that he was but a simple man of Google, he was allowed to leave unharmed. So it was, after minor tribulation, our unnamed hero cruised off into the sunset, where he lived happily ever after.

Or at least until the next village.

THE END.article-2394616-016B2883000004B0-870_634x512

^ Borrowed from teh Dailymail

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