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Microsoft’s Project Spark

Ok so of everything  that Microsoft has announced this is the one thing that got my attention, it’s Project Spark. Project Spark kinda looks like little big planet on crack, its being called a development tool but from what they’re showing the play-ability looks incredible!

project spark


So you start off with nothing and you can create an entire game based around pre-rendered  elements and commands. For example first you would place some dirt, add some hills and grass maybe even some shrubbery, fuck it put a damn cave in the side of that hill with a pack of trolls and hopping rocks that kill on site, generate a hero for yourself incite an angry mob from the local town you created and have an all out battle. Sounds good to me.

From the way it looks you could make many different kinds of games with this program and the best part is its going to be free to play. The way Microsoft plans to make profit from this is buy selling different packs of elements to be used in game. It will be available for the Xbox ONE release and Windows 8 and works well with tablets. Yes you can design and play your game on a tablet as well. Maybe theres hope for the Xbox after all.

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