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NVIDIA’s new “Furtech” brings video cards to their knees


It looks like NVIDIA is fighting back after AMD released its newest creation called TRESSFX. Tress FX is essentially hair that is rendered at a very high resolution and has realistic physics in game. But instead of human hair, NVIDIA upped the ante with animal hair.. It’s called Furtech. What do you think? It drops Titans to their knees.. It sounds awesome and scary at the same time!


“During this year’s PAX Prime, Nvidia showcased its Fur Tech that will be used in The Witcher 3. In this demo, Nvidia showcased what its latest tech looks like, however it seems that this particular technique will require a really high-end graphics card in order to be enjoyed.In fact, Nvidia demoed its Fur tech at a mere resolution of 1024×768 and the Titan card was able to only push 65fps when there were two wolves on screen.


Naturally, some may say that the performance is not so bad for such a wonderful technique but they are wrong. Without Nvidia’s Fur Tech, the demo (with one wolf) was running at 410fps. When Nvidia enabled its Fur tech, the framerate dropped to 140fps.”

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