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That’s right, mother fuckers! This guy brought some reinforcements!

Aarizona has once again stepped their game up and topped themselves in the releasing of the Rickeys Grape, Lemon, and Mango. The flavors were announced in a press release on the first of the month, and were released later on. I tried two of the three new flavors,

arizona lime rickey

Grape is the clear winner in this release, as his can colors are not only superior, but he tastes like a goddamn purple Ring Pop. And anyone who’s anyone knows that grape Ring Pops are fucking delicious! I was so excited to get a sip of the wondrous, sparkling grape-lime nectar; fearing at first that the vivid purple of the can, promising the essence of grape candy, would taste like the putrid ass liquid that is the Arizona Grapeade. Thankfully, Rickey delivered, offering a sweet, juicy grape flavor finished with the tart undertones of lime. The sheer joy that this flavor brings can only be lessened by the finishing of the can. Grape even dethrones the original. Sorry, Cherry.

This shit SUCKS!!

This shit SUCKS!!

Lemon was the other of the new Rickey trio that I tasted, and he was also quite good, reminding me of a liquefied Lucas, only not as strong on the sour. Or a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, or Fruit Loops. But that could just be my cottonmouth getting the best of me, as this one was left out overnight. Still has an ever so faint sparkle. Not as good as it should be. I assume that when carbonated it tastes more like a Sprite, or Sierra Mist, but better because both of those are in the putrid ass category along with Grapeade and Coke. Well played, carbonation. You made me pay. You made me pay hard.

The last is the Mango Rickey, which I have not yet tried, but shall be doing so very soon. And when it has been tried, you can guarantee another stellar ass review is coming!

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