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Oscar Mayer Original Collection

So this Father’s day give your ol’ Dad the gift of naturally-hardwood smoked bacon but not just any bacon Oscar Mayer’s Original Collection bacon. These sets come with 18-20 strips of the most delicious bacon out there and one of three options which are a money clip, a set of cuff links or a Leatherman like multitool. Also included is a customized card-stock with the expression of your choice and everything is dressed and wrapped up nicely.

Oscar Mayer Original Collection

Now again this isn’t just your everyday run of the mill bacon, this is some dank ass premo shit! This bacon has to go through a crash course of Oscar Mayer’s 4-C’s.

Oscar Mayers 4 csThere are options for a smaller box with a card and a single strip of bacon though These gift sets do come with some rather heart-felt cards that will bring some Dads to tears so be prepared. Its OK though its a good thing.

gift of bacon oscar mayer

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