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PS4 with controller-580-75


Pending update based on new policies of Xbox One.

Since the first leaks regarding the XBOX ONE, consumers have been up in arms and near-outraged by some of the proposed changes. Always-Online means games can only be played online and their proposed DRM was nothing short of a slap in the face to the used game industry, if not an outright attack. Information and product features for the XBOX ONE have been leaked or publicized, and always poorly. It seems that every time someone gets on stage to debut some new feature or discuss the specs, they end up contradicting the one who came before, or bungling the event. Most recently, a Microsoft employee, Don Mattrick, has revealed that Microsoft does indeed have an offline gaming proposition… “and it’s called the Xbox 360.” Microsoft’s near-absolute refusal to cater to the demands of consumers is somewhat startling, if you cannot please the ones who want to buy it in the first place, how can they possibly hope to entice NEW customers?

The PS4 was announced early this year, but details have been scarce until the debut at E3. The new design, shockingly, resembles that of a black rectangle. Yes, I was taken aback as well. Contain yourselves. Anyways – The cosmetic debut was accompanied by the price tag (which we’ll discuss a little further in). Among the most noteworthy features are:

  1.     The PS4 will allow the buy, use, and trade of used games
  2.     Will not require 24-hour online capability to play their games
  3.     Will cost quite a bit less than the Microsoft system
  4.     Backwards Compatible


Now let’s compare the specs for the two systems –


(This is derived from leaked info and E3 / public demos and some information has yet to be 100% confirmed)

XBOX ONE:                                                                                       PS4:

  • Price: $500 (Includes Kinect)                                      Price: $400
  • DRM: e-Shop (not working title)                                      DRM: User-Owned Discs
  • and “Family Plan”
  •  (No backwards compatibility –requires internet access)
  • CPU: 8-Core AMD 64-bit 1.64Ghz Jaguar                    CPU: 8-core Jaguar x86-64
  • GPU: Projected around same level at Radeon         GPU: “Next-Gen” Radeon Tech
  •                HD 7790
  • HDD: On-board 500GB HD                                                 HDD: On-board 500GB HD
  • RAM: 8gb DDR3                                                                      RAM: 8gb DDR5

(Scroll to bottom for gameplay footage of both consoles)

While the PS4 has some obvious leads, and their DRM is certainly a blow to Microsoft’s all-encompassing DRM – it is just that that actualy lends some support to Microsoft here. The PS4’s DRM through SONY will be a user-owned disc that he or she is free to trade, but 3rd-party publishers are free to impose whatever DRM restrictions they see fit. While Microsoft’s DRM effectively kills offline play, at least everyone knows where their games stand. With the PS4, we are open to the possibility of multiple DRMS on one system, multiple accounts across several publishers, and increasingly tricky publisher micromanagement.

Right now, the PS4 stands out (at least to myself) as an obvious choice – pending releases aside. But it is important to note that the XBOX ONE is not out of the fight yet. Microsoft may yet yield to consumer demand and relax its DRM restrictions, but time will tell.

PS4 – As it Stands (MGS 5 – Solid Snake voiced by Kiefer f*kin Sutherland, people!)

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