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Skull Crush Helmets

Skull Crush Helmets and A Word on Safety

Diamond Tread Helmet

Six Shooter


As the safety ratings for the DOT helmets have evolved over the years, helmets are getting safer and more durable – yet the DOT helmets are typically made of old materials, ignoring newer, stronger and lighter materials in favor of the “old tried-and-true” plastics of the olden days. While these can get the job done, and doubtless save countless lives, these old plastic shells have to be replaced after an impact. Plastics are fragile, the stresses of a fall will damage the helmet and compromise it’s integrity. This is where Skull Crush decided to make their stand.

Skull Crush is based out of Fort Worth, Texas and have established themselves as a premium helmet manufacturer. While the DOT ratings do not apply to their top-of-the-line helmets, Skull Crush has raised the bar for safety. Their custom helmets range from the old-school 3/4 shells and ‘polo’ helmets, to the German WWII replica helmets. They’re available in multiple colors and are made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar. While these helmets aren’t terribly cheap, they’re hand-made, hand painted, hand formed – and made in the USA! Skull Crush creates extraordinary helmets out of some of the best stuff on the planet: carbon fiber, kevlar, and memory foam inner shells. From major name brands to generic buckets, riders are faced with a difficult choice, one that could save their life. It boils down to this: what do you want between your skull and a hard place?

While the DOT does not recognize their premium helmets, they are without a doubt one of the best “Novelty Helmets” on the market today.

*Jim Kenefick, who was in a motorcycle collision and survived, something he attributes to his Skull Crush
helmet. James Kenefick’s Web Page

Skull Crush Homepage

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