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The Cherry Lime Rickey By Arizona: The King Of Quench

So you’re in your room playing some Magic,  listening to some tunes (Demon Days, from Gorillaz, for those of you nosy fucks), and all of sudden you get cottonmouth. And you’re all, ” ah shit, I have got to get something to drink”! So you head to 7 eleven and checked out the chilled beverages, and what do you see? The mother fucking, monster jamming, king of the quench, the Cherry Lime Rickey.


Arizona’s Cherry Lime Rickey is a sparkling cherry lime drink created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the company, and it’s damn delicious. The flavor was voted on in a contest some time ago, and I’m glad it won. Fuck those other flavors!

It’s a great size can with enough liquid perfection to kick the fuck right out of your cottonmouth, and it’ s great with fungus flavored chewables. The the sour bite of lime fused with the sweet, smooth flavor of cherry in a sparkling finish tastes so fucking good I imagine it’s what’s unicorns produce at climax, and it only has 18g of sugar per serving, for those of you who watch their sugar intake.

In my opinion, it’s the greatest thing that Arizona has put out since the Arnold Palmer half & half. Though, that Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear is a pretty good contender. Especially that strawberry variant. But, I digress, this drink is total amazeballs. A stellar drink at any time, even times of sobriety.

5 out of 5

Not to mention, that can looks clean as hell.


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