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The Next Gen of Gaming: Microsoft’s XBOX

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Image from xbox720mag - click to visit their blog!

Image from xbox720mag – click to visit their blog!

The XBOX 720, or Durango, or Infinity – or any number of suspected code names -is the “American” next-gen gaming console, and surprisingly little has been released about the console despite the impending release date of late 2013, likely November. Microsoft’s console is expected to run AMD graphics hardware, using two GPU’s in tandem – or perhaps one dedicated GPU and a smaller processor to be used in tandem with the CPU. Rumors abound that the new XBOX will run an AMD 7990 processor, a unit that could easily run 60fps, 3d, and 1080 resolution output. Additional features include integrated Skype, an XBOX video streaming service, and the ILLUMIROOM technology that allows a projector to extend the game outside the single screen in front of you by casting the image over the screen and onto the wall behind it.

Click to read Microsoft's article on their next-gen tech

Microsoft’s Proof-Of-Concept Illumiroom Tech

One major concern is that the new XBOX may employ always-on DRM. This would be counterintuitive and would likely hamper Microsoft’s efforts in proliferating their new console in the local and foreign markets. Many areas in the US still lack reliable broadband internet, so a console that requires internet access effectively renders the device useless to those without DSL + speeds. Of course, this is all still speculation. All in all, the new XBOX looks to be an impressive console, designed to help developers produce games faster and cut back on costs by employing off-the-shelf hardware. This change could help keep the price of the new system around or below the $400 mark. Of course, no one is even sure what the new console will look like, but as always the graphic artist community has chipped in with their own ideas and theories.

Speculative XBOX design

Image Courtesy of “the news tribe”

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