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What’s been on my mind lately

Hey i’m Darrell Wheeler the owner and founder of Pandora’s Fridge and I just wanted to let you (the viewers) know a little bit more about myself. I think the best way I can do that is by telling you some of my goals for life and some of my inspirations that motivate me to move towards them however ridiculous they might be. So to start i’m currently working out of a cube farm as an electrical drafter which is alright, it pays good. BUT the monotony and time spent going to and from and at work kinda sucks i’m not saying that i’m above it but i want better for myself as should you. And what I found was a ton of people talking about passive income which means money you don’t have to do anything for. Well you start it and it keeps coming, but the thing is that everything I found you need a lot of money to start or it was something that didn’t pay out til you were old and ready for retirement anyways. I pondered to myself “what could i do to make money with little effort and have the freedom and time to go about and do the things I want to?”. So the whole time i’m searching for things online it never occurred to me that the answer was literally right in front of me, A WEBSITE! Ok so it wasn’t straight from 1 to 100 but after a bit of research and pencil and paper stuff I found that its cheap and very easy to do and with some work and time put in could be very lucrative. So here we have Pandora’s Fridge and even though i have no prior knowledge of whatever this is called (the Making) its coming along nicely and has so far been very enjoyable. So THE PLAN is to get Pandora’s Fridge established and to keep making it better because I quite enjoy it I really do. Not only does it have a monetary benefit to motivate me but it brings me closer to family and friends and keeps me learning about more and more things everyday. Now lets talk about the ridiculous, I want to buy an island and with a website that’s completely reasonable. The price for an island is much cheaper than you would probably imagine if you don’t believe me just take a look at island prices. And id get some wind/solar energy going dig a deep well and build a house. Voila! Roo Island and the reason for this name is because my girlfriend wants to raise and sell wallaby’s and KangaROO’s, (I know we might both be insane to some degree) but you put 2 and 2 together and you get Roo Island. Nope it doesn’t stop there, I was thinking what if I declared my island a principality… That might be cool, not like I could benefit from taxes I paid anyways. Anyone got ideas for titles? King, Emperor no lets do something original. If you want to contribute to the goal just go to the bottom where its says “Buy me a Beer” (its linked to a paypal donation for the site) if you would rather give me suggestions on titles just comment and if you really want to get involved and live on the future island of Roo register with the website and drop me an email at with your name and a reason why you should be apart of Roo. For suggestions or contributions to Pandora’s Fridge just email

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