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XADO Ceramic-Metal Additives

Vergleich-BMW-Gran-Coupe-Audi-Sportback-Porsche-Panamera-Mercedes-CLSNot all automobiles are made equal. This is pretty damn obvious, even for me, I know – but my point is, regardless of the differences in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer, ALL automobiles are eventually going to wear out, and fail. Constant motion and friction within the engines wears down camshafts, bearings, cylinders, piston rings, links, and valves – everything that moves. Modern transmissions, designed for long-term abuse are complex, precision designed machines that are no less susceptible to the same damage and wear and tear. Years of travel and enjoyment can be derived from a single vehicle, with a properly maintained car you can expect up to a couple hundred thousand miles – there are stories of people reaching even the 999K mark and rolling over! My point is, your vehicle will wear out, despite repetitive maintenance and care.

This is where XADO Tech comes into play. All those worn out, scored, scratched, burnt, friction damaged surfaces take a toll on your vehicles performance. MPG suffers as gases blow-by your piston rings, you lose power, and those gases pollute your engine oil, introducing harmful acids that further damage your engine’s interior.

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XADO, a Ukraine based company, has been experimenting for years with CER-MET technology. The result is their extensive line of products, ranging from small engine to heavy-duty diesel engine, power steering, and transmission and gearbox additives. Unlike typical ‘friction-modifiers’ or oils, XADO’s CER-METs are considered an ‘in place repair.’ Rather than stripping down your engine and replacing worn camshafts, bearings, piston rings, re-honing cylinders, and generally spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repairs, XADO’s products rebuild the metal-to-metal surfaces inside your vehicle.


Wherever metal-to-metal contact occurs in your engine, transmission, whatever, the CER-MET additives super-heat molecules of their proprietary ceramic metal fusing the ceramic coating with the steel. The result is a coating that meshes with the steel crystalline lattice, becoming a part of the material and not just clinging on. This has the benefits of building worn surfaces, creating an extra-hard surface to resist wear, and dramatically reducing friction.

I have personally used the XADO 1 stage revitalizant in a 2000 Ford Expedition with 206K miles. In addition, I have used the XADO 120 automatic transmission additive. The results were apparent within the first 100 miles of travel, and they are growing more and more noticeable. Power is being restored to the engine, dramatically increasing acceleration to near-new status. Shifting is smoother and a little quieter, and I’ve noticed a small bump in fuel economy (before 11.7mpg average – now 12.9). Yeah, still pretty shitty, but when you don’t exactly have a couple thousand in cash laying around to throw into a new vehicle XADO’s products are a damn fine alternative to costly repairs. My point being, this stuff works. It’s not just for old cars, they recommend conditioning new vehicles as well to increase the life of internal components up to 300% of their original lifetime. XADO works, but there’s no need to take only my word for it – there are numerous reviews and testimonials out there. Check this shit out!

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