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Yesterday Microsoft released the specs and expected features of the new Xbox One and lets just say they have bumped up the competition and brought upon a new era of gaming.

Living up to the box name the ONE is made up of corners and edges but unlike its predecessors it will be released with a very slim and sleek design. No more lugging around heavy equipment to your friends house or buying a console only for a smaller better running  one to come out later.

The ONE will come with a new and improved kinect unit that has many integrated features and thats so finely tuned it can pick up on your heartbeat. Only a little longer before Skynet and Arnold Schwarzenegger come for your life.


Ok so believe it or not Microsoft isn’t trying to sell you their own custom formatted movies this go around, the Xbox ONE will come with its own Blu-Ray player. Actually this console has more media ports than some computers iv’e seen, a couple HDMI ports and a couple USB 3.0s… Remember how simple things used to be with just your three component cables and a power cord, Up and going in a few minutes.


A defining characteristic this generation of consoles is going to be exclusiveness, and unlike the veiling of the 360 Microsoft is expecting at least 15 exclusive games within the year, eight of which are from new franchises. One of those games has been revealed, Quantum Break. On top of all that they will have first dibs on lots of downloadable content. Call of Duty: Ghosts is just one of the games said to have  exclusive in-game content for Xbox players only.


Right now your probably thinking who is this old guy in a suit and why is he on my screen, well that’s Steven Spielberg and he’ll be directing the new live-action Halo series exclusive to the Xbox ONE and its television capabilities. Heres Mr. Spielberg with a few thing to say about it all.

Another exclusive that will be coming is Microsoft’s partnership with the NFL which is a multi-year contract and will bring a wide array of things including a better integrated fantasy football experience with on screen updates and score display. This partnership benefits the NFL as well and will brings tablets to the field for better communication and improve play calling.

Ignite_xbox_oneWhile on the topic of sports the One will support EA Sports Ignite engine which will greatly improve your gaming experience by what is being said a factor of ten! 4 times the calculations per second and a very hard to find line between the game and reality. IGN has a really good post on Xbox and exclusive content.

 Another thing to keep in mind is that you can take advantage of all these great features at the same time. Watch the game, keep up with your fantasy league and even skype a friend about how he sucks all at the same time!


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  1. Nick H.

    The hardware looks kind of boring and, honestly, half the stuff they’re raving about should have already been in the 360. And am I the only one who’s tired of all this social/media integration. I’m ready for the next generation of games and a revolutionary gaming experience!

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